What Coaches Say!

Rancho Santiago Community College

The Mental Game Plan is the most informative program I have ever seen. The information that I received was simple to interpret and a valuable tool to better understand the behavior and performance of my players. The test was easy to administer very easy for all to understand. The Mental Game Plan is not complicated, gives the coach and player a great deal of information and does not demand a lot of time to implement.

Don Snedden, Head Coach
Men's Baseball


A great program to do in the fall or ASAP, with the results, you learn in a hurry about your players and can start to work on improving the areas that are shown to have room for improvement. The program is non-threatening, does not take much time to implement and the results are well worth the time and energy spent.

Gary Adams, Head Coach
Men's Baseball

Parks College

I highly recommend this l to coaches at all levels, as it will help you deal with emotions and attitudes that come into play with these student/athletes.

Bill Lochman, Head Coach
Men's Basketball

California Professional Tennis

This program gives the coach a needed tool to encourage the athlete to do their own mental skills. I recommend this program to any tennis coach who expects to be coaching in the twenty first century.

Edward Burt, Tennis Coach
Tennis Pro
Professional Tour

Ferris State University

Thanks for the great program, we have used it with the women's basketball, softball and volleyball teams and it was met with great interest. We are hoping to expand the use of this vital program so all athletes and coaches can benefit from this timely program.

Dean Davenport, Athletic Director

Hawaii University

It was a good survey for our players, it was helpful for them because they learn about themselves, using the results get you pointed in the right direction. We found it reliable.

Vince Goo, Head Coach
Women's Basketball

Hillsdale College

I received your material from President Roche over the holidays and was greatly impressed with what I have read. I will submit your material to our coaches for their review.

Jack McAvoy, Athletic Director

Miami University Basketball Camp

We used the Mental Game Plan this season with our men's basketball team and had great results. We found it to be most informative and beneficial to all our players and coaches. It was so successful that we decided to offer it to our campers.

Herb Sendek, Head Coach
Men's Basketball

University of Cincinnati Basketball Camp

Campers enrolled in any of our summer sessions may participate in a new and innovative program that will improve athletic attitudes, teach goal setting skills, and prepare the athlete to mentally focus and visualized for improved sports performance.

Bob Huggins, Head Coach
Men's Basketball

University of Louisville Basketball Camp

We believe this program is a necessity for every basketball player who wants to succeed in athletics and to develop goal setting skills that are used throughout life, in school and in a professional career. The mind is one of the keys to peak performance in athletics. If you're developing the physical side and ignoring the mental side of your game, you will not reach your maximum potential.

Bud Childers, Head Coach
Women's Basketball

University of Kentucky

Your questionnaire is appealing because it seems to ask the right questions and doesn't take a large amount of time commitment as some other psychological testing. Rick Pitino and I have used similar programs when we were with the New York Knicks and believe this is a positive addition to coaching.

Rick Pitino, Head Coach, Jim O'Brien, Assistant
Men's Basketball

The Athletic Directory
Sports Psychology Publication

The Mental Game Plan is a positive, easily understood assessment inventory that can enhance any competitors personal growth program. I have given the test to three of our athletes and can assure you of their initial enthusiasm for the results. The progress of each is evident, especially relative to the increase in self-confidence that came from having a plan and knowing their personal areas of strength as well as those that need work. As a former coach, I can tell you I would have loved to have had this program as a tool for my athletes.

Dick Sauers

California Commission on Athletics

As per our conversation, I wanted to follow up with names of colleagues that we think will benefit from your program. I suggest you contact these coaches and get them additional information on your Mental Game Plan program. Please use my name with these colleagues and I will look forward to receiving any additional information from you on the program.

Pamela Walker, Associate Commissioner
California Community Colleges

Sports Spectrum
Christian Sports Magazine

The Sports Spectrum staff has had the privilege of getting to know Mr. Kenneth Parady, National Sports Marketing Group. Ken and his staff have developed a great resource for helping young people develop their athletic performance through The Mental Game Plan. We have tested this tool and found it to be an excellent method of teaching goal-setting and other important life skills. It may to a great supplement to the work you are already doing in the lives of young people across the country.

Tom Felten, Director
Sports Publications

DeCinces Sports Productions

I am a believer in what you are doing is a very positive and worthwhile endeavor and there is a definite need for your organization in dealing with the student athlete. Once again, I wish you the best and will continue to support you in your endeavors.

Doug DeCines, Pro Baseball Hall of Famer

Santa Margarita High School

I want to thank you for introducing National Sports Marketing Group to Santa Margarita High School. Ken, without the direction of your program, most of our student athletes would have ended their careers in sports at the high school level instead of moving on the major college programs.

Gerald Keane, President
Football Boosters Club
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Las Caballeros Swim Club

I would like to express my pleasure with your goal setting program. So many times, coaches only look at performance as a measuring stick of success. As an Olympic champion myself, I know that talent plays a part in success, but certainly is not the greatest attribute. In my opinion, it is the ability of the athlete to mentally set their goals, determine weaknesses and strengths, align people who can assist them in overcoming their weakness and finally to plan strategies which will enable them to achieve these goals. I find this process to hold true, not just athletics, but in life. I most definitely think your goal setting can fill the link that has been missing. In most instances, we can see that there is a problem, but we don't know ho to "fix" the problem. I will be using your program with my competitive swimmers at Las Caballeros Swim Club. I look forward to working with you.

Cathy Ferguson, Ed.D
Three time Olympic Gold Medallist

University of Oregon Football

Here are the work sheets from our team meeting that we conducted with our newcomers at spring training camp. As you would expect, most of them breezed right through the test in less than 15 minutes. We are looking forward to getting the results and implementing them.

Steven Hellyer, Assistant Athletic Director
Football Operations

Punahou School System

Thanks for the work you did with our tennis, softball, baseball and women's basketball programs this year. We received positive feedback from both coaches and players. I am as convinced now, in '95, as I was when I first met Dr. Tutko, in '75, that the mental part of the game is the most important and the least practiced component in preparing athletic teams. Dr. Tutko's Mental Game Plan is user friendly and very effective. Good luck and let's do new teams next year.

Chris McLachlin, Athletic Director

National Collegiate Athletic Association

In response to your March 28th letter, the materials you forwarded were quite interesting and appeared to have outstanding coaching outcomes. I suggest you contact the various men's and women's coaching associations to get them involved. The coaches you have selected seem to have the stature to assist you in sharing their success with their colleagues. The concept is a solid one and Dr. Tutko has the kind of reputation to open many doors.

Ronald Stratten, Group Executive Director
NCAA Educational Services

Double Diamond League

The Double Diamond League strives to allow young softball players to achieve a level of skill that they desire by providing the best possible skill development camps, qualified coaches and high competition. Double Diamond recognizes that mental attitude is as important to success in competitive sports as physical ability. The Mental Game Plan focuses on the players mental attitudes and allows the player, parents and coaches to better understand the characteristics of the players. The profile will assist the coaches in using the proper approach in dealing with the player, while developing a positive mental attitude and improving physical skills. Double Diamond has endorsed and sanctioned this program and believes that the program can be a valuable tool for the player, parent, coaches and Double Diamond.

Double Diamond League Committee
Calgary, Canada

University of Hawaii @ Hilo

I have looked over the material you sent on The Mental Game Plan. I am familiar with the work of Dr. Tutko has done and in fact, recall a coaching clinic in the late sixties in which Dr. Tutko presented his research. I was and continue to be impressed by the work and remember specifically his profile of a champion and the personality traits which are common to high performers in any walk of life. I would like to speak with you personally in regard to ideas you might have that will benefit the participants of the Vulcan's Hawaii Basketball School. Thanks for your information and I look forward to hearing from you about this program.

Bill Trumbo, Athletic Director

Stanford University

I believe that this program, Mental Game Plan, can enhance the athlete's performance, improve communication between the coach and the athlete and create athletic responsibility. The program is extremely understandable setting goals, meeting objectives and learning how to focus on the mental part of the game. This program can prepare the athlete to compete at the higher level, either college or professional, by preparing the athlete for expansion of the mental part of their game during peak performance years.
Dick Gould, Head Coach
Men's Tennis
NCAA '98 Champions

University of Louisville

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and commend you on The Mental Game Plan. We executed the questionnaire as a team in September and waited to act on the results until we could compare them to our observations throughout fall practice. As expected, the profiles were right on the money. Wince then, I have met with each of my players to discuss areas in which they could use some improvements and in every case the players agreed with the results of their personal game plan workbook. As a coach, it is unbelievable how much easier it is to know how to approach an athlete in coaching/teaching situations when provided with the information in The Mental Game Plan. It has made me more effective as a coach and my players more cognizant of their own behaviors. We have started on the improvement exercises over the holiday break and I am sure we will see great strides in the maturation of our athletes. Thanks again.

Gene Baker, Head Coach
Men's Baseball

Los Angeles Unified School District

Thank you for your interest and concern for preparing our student/athletes in higher education. After carefully reviewing your program, The Mental Game Plan, which you submitted to the Los Angeles Unified School District for consideration and implementation, we are pleased to report to you that your program is very timely, of the highest quality and deserving of our full co-operation in getting it implemented into the school system as quickly as possible. The need and benefits are so great that we want as many of our student/athletes as possible to have the opportunity to participate in such a thoughtful program. We see how it will, not only, enhance their athletic performance, improve communications between coach and athlete, help to instill the importance of strong moral values, good judgment and responsibility; but also help them to understand the importance of setting goals, objectives and mental focusing and what it can do for them in higher education, business world and throughout their lives. I look forward to working with you in 1994 to develop this outstanding program to its' fullest potential.

Patricia Marshall, Assistant Superintendent
Los Angeles School System