You will be happy to know that 90% of success in life, athletics or business are positive ATTITUDES, ask any coach, personnel manager or Clergyman. The facts are, less than 19% actually implement a plan for attitude improvement. Thousands of books on self improvement, mental focusing or psychological exercises are sold each year. Nothing you read will improve yourself, only when you do it, will you improve. If reading was successful, we would eliminate all practice in sports, sales training in business and basic training in the military, all force you to take action.

"If you don't do it right, you don't learn it."

Now you have the opportunity to implement a plan of action, the Mental Game Plan (MGP). Organizing your mental thinking is as easy as brushing your teeth, if you give yourself five minutes a day. The MGP will help you organize your thoughts, set your goals and develop your mental skills for focusing and better game performance. This program lets the parent and athlete work together by both taking the inventory and using the results to develop the objective.


Parent Target Athlete, taken by the parent to match their mental attitude expectations against the results of the individual athlete.

Athlete Inventory, taken by the athlete to rank their own mental attitudes against a database of international athletes. After you both answer these short inventories about your attitudes in sport, they are computerized and matched against other college and high school athletes who have taken the MGP. The parent can match their own Target Athlete scores against the athletes results and better understand how to approach the athlete in developing their mental skills in athletics.


During the season you will set goals, write them down, evaluate game performance and focus on your strengths and weaknesses. You will talk to your teammates and your parents about your progress. You may review this information during the season with your coach so all parties involved understand how to help. No argument over whether or not you are competitive, you will have your ranking to maintain or to improve. You will now be focused on your areas of improvement and how to approach improving them. You will have a mental road map for everyone to follow and answers the question:

Are you mentally prepared?

We know you are interested in improving your skills in athletics, this program is interesting, easy and fun to use. The coaching process becomes less intimidating and your coaching retention improves. There is less repetition of coaching instruction and progress is now attainable. It is very basic, you are setting your goals, recording them in your workbook, but more importantly, you are implementing them and REVIEWING THEM!!

Less than 10% of verbal instruction is retained, but when visual instruction is added, retention doubles. If you implement verbal, visual and add physical action, the retention rate soars. Ask your teenager, what they plan to do this month, by the week. Don't be shocked when you hear the standard answer, "don't know". Mothers are classic examples of mental focus, organization and action, look at the front of your refrigerator, notes all over it. Mothers are organized, focused, and take action by following notes, reminders and mentally visualizing what she is doing today or this week. It is natural, it is something we can all learn and apply to everyday life, sports or the work place.

It is not uncommon by the start of the second season, a player who is asked that same question as last year, such as list seven things they will do this week to improve, can do it easily after going through the first year. Repetition breeds peak performance!


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