By pushing this button, you have become one of only 19% of coaches who take physical action in developing a working mental game plan for their competitive athletes. This action places you in the position of becoming a leader in the professional approach for teaching Goal Setting. The Mental Game Plan (MGP) will also help develop mental focusing for athletic game improvement and will transfer into the student-athlete's academic life. The (MGP) provides key information on the attitudes and probable behavior of athletes, as determined by their responses to the inventory. The program is based on Dr. Tutko's 35 years of extensive research with thousands of athletes.

Tutko, a leading sports psychologist in the field of mental development of professional, college and Olympic athletes, has written several books on sports psychology, some of which are used by major colleges as a coaches teaching text.

This program will give you the unique opportunity to:
  • Understand the mental makeup of your athletes before starting the coaching process or during the season when a problem arises.
  • Improve communications between the athlete and the coach during the competitive season.
  • give the athlete a bench mark of their mental attitude traits based on Dr. Tutkos' 35 years of gathering national data on athletic attitudes.
  • Improve coaching your athletes by using a workbook program designed for individual performance enhancement.
  • Understand potential recruits before you commit your school to a large dollar scholarship.
  • Give your athletes a tool for documenting goals, objectives, coaching instruction and a personal game plan for mental self improvement through a written record of their progress.


An inventory for the progressive coach. If you are serious about improving your coaching, helping your players develop needed life skills and improve their game performance, we are offering you an inventory called , "The Coaches Target Athlete". This inventory is for you to fill out, using the same questions we will ask your athletes, except you will answer these questions as if you were defining "WHAT KIND" of player you want playing for you. These answers will be computerized to outline the kind of attitudes you have in your head against the results that will be developed when we include the team.

The resulting, "Coaches Manual" will list all athlete scores in each of the seven (7) mental traits, including your "The Target Athlete". You will know the kind of player you have playing for you this season and make coaching adjustments accordingly. This information has become an extremely valuable tool for coaches who want to know how to plan, adjust or cope with coaching this team. It will also focus on low scores so time can be saved by only working with athletes who need help. We call it, "Focusing on the Problem", which reduces wasted coaching time. Talking to the entire team about attitudes is antiquated, when half of them aren't interested in what you are saying anyway.


If you will proceed, we will offer you a FREE Target Athlete inventory so you may take the first step to coaching success. Use the form of information requested and we will send you instructions and literature to get your free test. After reading the literature send us $5.00 postage & handling and we will email you the password to download the inventory. When you have finished, send it to us with your return address.

If you are in a hurry you can fax us a request on school stationary and we will allow you to attach a check to the completed test.

Looking forward to working with you and making you and your team a winner not only in sports, but in life as well.

Kenneth T. Parady, Founder