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  The dreaded Scholarship hunt!

Waiting for an athletic scholarship is like standing in line at the State License Bureau! If you’re not a blue chip athlete your out of luck unless a recruiter happens to wander onto one of your games. Today athletic scholarships are only offered to Blue Chip athletes. It is like waiting for Apple Computer to knock on your door to offer you a job. You have to get out of bed, prepare yourself and go TO the opportunity. When you wait for your future to arrive and not take the bull by the horns you will likely fail.

Each year over $5Billion in scholarship money goes unused by colleges because they can’t find the needed student or athlete. Now parents can control their search by doing what millions of job seekers have done for years. Get that $150,000+ financial aid available to qualified athletes who can play at that level. To do so you must have the skills, the high GPA, the attitude and a professional resume.

“How To Interview the Coach” You will also need the ability to communicate with the coach during the interview. 74% of the failures come after a bad interview. This book gives you the needed skills to succeed in the interview. It provides you with the sample forms for gathering information, letters of endorsement & a profile form to create your own sports resume.

The Mental Game Plan

One important step in the process is the Mental Game Plan (MGP), a psychological sports test used by the pros in their drafting system. The MGP will measure the seven (7) mental attitudes of the athlete in sport. A personal athlete workbook is developed from the results and will be used during the year to record notes, coaching instructions, set goals & practice mental exercises. The results will give the coach the endorsement of a recognized testing tool that will inform him of your mental attitudes. Coaches recruit the physical aspects of the athlete but do not know what is in the head of the successful recruit. If you don’t believe this read your local newspaper of high quality recruits dumped from the team after a former scholarship offer for violating team rules.

The MGP workbook allows athlete, parent & coach to all be on the same path to help the athlete succeed. It also has been found to eliminate confrontation between coach athlete & parent. The MGP inventory & book can be purchased online separately or together.

MPG Test/Interview Book